Red Onion-Flavored Red Wine

“It’s not terrible.” “No, it’s not terrible.” “Yep, it’s onion alright.” “Hrm.” “Ew.” “服务员,来一听可乐。(Waitress, can I have a Coke?)” “Every time my dad pours a nice glass of wine, he always says ‘magnificent color.’ Hrm. This doesn’t have that, does it? Not at all.” “It is a bit watery, isn’t it?” “Shall we try just downing it in one? Might go down easier.” “Cheers.” “Cheers.” “Agh!!!!!” “Wow. Didn’t, did it.”

Red Onion-Flavored Red Wine. $5 a bottle from Happy Lucky (?) Supermarket, ChaoWai Dajie.

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