Disgusting Chinglish from a Tasty Buffet

Not that many nights ago, WooLand and I were thrilled to be invited to one of the great linguistic banquets of the season. Government ministers, foreign diplomats, prominent magazine editors — it was a real who’s who of language and culture. And then we saw what was for dinner… Oh, boy… Clearly, if the linguists can’t even get this right, chinglish has nothing to worry about.

Finally, at the end of the buffet, I came across this… which sounded promising…

But looked more like that bowel acid onion juice…

And turned out — against no expectations — to be the best treat ever. Sweet gelatinous rice, wrapped around red bean paste. OMG yes. Nothing fruity about it, but so perfectly cool.

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3 Responses to Disgusting Chinglish from a Tasty Buffet

  1. Shirley McLean says:


  2. Shirley McLean says:

    Yuk, again!

  3. Dean Pickles says:

    Yum! Yum!!! Ultimately, it was all so tasty!

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