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Plants vs Zombies, The Chinese Knockoff Toys Copyright Carelessness Excellent Products 

Plants vs Zombies, The Chinese Knockoff Toys

Zombies — along with time-travel — are banned in China. (So don’t watch my Beijing zombie music video, Zombie Girl. Or buy a bootleg copy of my movie, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead.) But that doesn’t stop Plants vs Zombies from becoming China’s favorite videogame. You hear the theme song on the radio, you see cut-outs in grocery stores, dolls are for sale on every corner. It’s easy to pretend you’re planting biennials to slay the oncoming zombie horde. Well, there’s also a thriving Beijing sidewalk trade in cheap knockoff toys! And they’re incredible.

At 1/2元 each, about 7 cents, these rubber flora and bloodthirsty hellknights bring all the fun of the videogame to tabletop life. Missing an iPhone? Try these.

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3 thoughts on “Plants vs Zombies, The Chinese Knockoff Toys

  1. http://Anita

    yeah!!!!! viva zombies vs. plants!!!!

    1. http://Dean%20Pickles

      thanks to the lady who introduced me to them!!!

  2. […] Knockoff PvZ toys flooded China when the game hit PC there [image credit] […]

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