The Best Place to Eat and Poop, Together!

Shenzhen is China’s legendary modern city, so what better place for the modern craze that’s already swept Taiwan: Toilet Restaurants!

Yes, that’s right… eateries dedicated to the modern sit-down crapper! Can you imagine selling any other restaurant with a promotional poster like this one?

At “Modern Toilet” restaurant, you sit on a gleaming clean pooper while stuffing your face full of hotpot, spaghetti, or deep fried pork cutlets, all served from miniature WC-shaped bowls.

Ice cream is how it all started, it turns out. “In the beginning, we mainly sold ice cream – a big pile of chocolate ice cream sold in containers shaped like a squat toilet.” This wasn’t hard ice cream, by any means, but soft, with a curly tail pointing to the sky.

And how could it not explode from there?

There’s even a giant yellow mascot, a steamy stinky smiling turd, rushes around the restaurant offering hugs and photo ops.

While the restaurant itself is full of seaters, don’t expect to find any in the bathroom. That’d be weird. Like most of China, in there, it’s all squatters.

More info at the official Modern Toilet site, or at Shenzhen’s local offices.

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4 Responses to The Best Place to Eat and Poop, Together!

  1. chinarama says:

    I get why this might take off in Japan or taiwan, places known for their cleanliness… I’ve been to a joint like this in Beijing and it wasn’t very appealing. Why? Well I’ve eaten in my fair share of Chinese eateries that were about as sanitary as a toilet already. Also the toilet restaurant in Beijing that I visited just wasn’t clean enough either. I could see right into the kitchen and it wasn’t a pretty sight…

    • Dean Pickles says:

      Haha — I’ll have to check out this local competitor! If you’re in town, you should definitely join us on our upcoming trip to Crab Island, Sat June 11th!

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