The 38th Reich: Korean Nazi Cosplay

A couple of days ago, I posted my favorite pictures of cute Korean cosplay girls — but that’s the light-hearted side of Korean cosplay.  Flip the switch — today it’s time for the dark half.  That’s right: Korean Nazis!

Now many of you are probably horrified. It’s still too recent. But the Koreans love to have fun with it! At popular Nazi-themed bar, “The Fifth Reich,” customers were served by a Korean bartender named Hitler. A nationwide ad campaign for a skin care company (later pulled off the air) used hot Nazi officers to sell their “revolutionary” moisturizing cream. Even here in Beijing, we have Chinese skinhead oi bands taking over the city.

But what about these kids?

“We’re not racist,” the shy lad above told me, in broken English. “We just like the fashion. Really.”

And what fashion it is. I especially like the feathered wings on some of the SS uniforms below.

Much of this may be inspired by the short-lived Japanese anime, URDA, in which the Nazis capture a time-travelling explorer, and use his futuristic technology to win the war. Or it may just be weird.

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10 Responses to The 38th Reich: Korean Nazi Cosplay

  1. Joon says:

    Oh c’mon, these skinheads aren’t nazis.

    We clearly see them burning a svastika-flag in the video, they’re against nazism, they’re real skinheads, not racist or fascist scum.

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  5. It is awesome…Korea is awesome!!
    I think that Nazi style is awesome!!


  7. Warsie says:

    Awesome. There’s similar cosplayers in the US. often attached to hetalia or hellsing fanbase but some just like to dress as Nazis.

  8. Anastacya says:

    Their excuse about it being fashionable is darkly comical; Nazi uniforms were designed by Hugo Boss. I remember once hearing that the losing side of a war always seems to be the army that dresses the snazziest.

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