Korea’s Dunkin’ Donuts Ruins All the Fun

Imagine a future where donuts come in horrid flavors: carrot, tofu, spinach. Now recognize that the future clearly lives in Korea.  Now imagine how it could be worse…

Yep.  In Korea, they’ve introduced the Broccoli Donut.

From Andy Deemer, the creator of AsiaObscura...

I tried to resist. This is a country of cakes, and bakeries, and wonderful mad original tasty treats.  But Broccoli kept calling to me.  On floor-to-ceiling video screens, images of these new “Salad” donuts floated by.  “Vegetables,” they cried, like this was a healthy snack.  A diet donut. A revolutionary taste!

Okay, it needed to be tried.

And you know what? It wasn’t bad.

Not great, but not anywhere near as bad as I expected. Like a dense zucchini bread, with broccoli instead. A little green dye. A thin layer of icing that tasted a little like cardboard.

But in a city of mad cakes and furious sweets, it was a stupid idea. Why were we at Dunkin’ Donuts in the first place??

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