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Korea’s Dunkin’ Donuts Ruins All the Fun Extraordinary Eats 

Korea’s Dunkin’ Donuts Ruins All the Fun

Imagine a future where donuts come in horrid flavors: carrot, tofu, spinach. Now recognize that the future clearly lives in Korea.  Now imagine how it could be worse…

Yep.  In Korea, they’ve introduced the Broccoli Donut.

I tried to resist. This is a country of cakes, and bakeries, and wonderful mad original tasty treats.  But Broccoli kept calling to me.  On floor-to-ceiling video screens, images of these new “Salad” donuts floated by.  “Vegetables,” they cried, like this was a healthy snack.  A diet donut. A revolutionary taste!

Okay, it needed to be tried.

And you know what? It wasn’t bad.

Not great, but not anywhere near as bad as I expected. Like a dense zucchini bread, with broccoli instead. A little green dye. A thin layer of icing that tasted a little like cardboard.

But in a city of mad cakes and furious sweets, it was a stupid idea. Why were we at Dunkin’ Donuts in the first place??

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