Outrageously Cute Korean Cosplay: The 21 Favorites

While sex workers were planning to set themselves on fire across town (thanks, Comrade Joe), M and I were deep in Comic World at Seoul’s SETEC Convention Center.

Each and every one of these girls — dressed like their favorite comic book characters and anime heroes — was perfect.  Ask them to pose for a photo, and no hesitation/consideration — they’ll hop into precise position. Just like The Spice Girls, or The Wonder Girls, they know exactly where they should be and how they should stand (left/right/hand up/face turned precisely just so). The more girls, the more it’s been planned out. Most of all, it was their mad fake eyes that drove me bonkers — huge red/blue iris-ed contact lenses, blowing up their eyes to cartoon proportions. And then the androgyny? And f2m cross-dressing? It was almost Shakespearean! (But backwards.) I didn’t want to leave, but when we did, we came across a group of 18th century fashionistas, hosting a cake-focus picnic on the street, a tablecloth set out on paving stones. I loved it. Oh, Korea.

(Expect “The Bold Boys of Korean Cosplay” later this week…)

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