Heavy Petting in Seoul

A little canine with your coffee? Feline with your free time? Find it here at the Dog and Cat Cafes of South Korea’s capital!

Dog madness

Girls Playing with Cat

If you’re feeling that mid-afternoon slump, there are several branches of pet cafes scattered throughout the city where you can un-dull those 4pm doldrums and set your dander allergies on fire. Buy an $8 ticket, get a free soft drink, and enter this pet dream world, that is, IF your lifelong dreams involve being surrounded by dogs or cats.

Let Snoopy lead you to the lively and chaotic dog café where dogs just roam as they please, pooping in corners and then carrying on with the games. The cat café is a slightly smellier place (maybe that’s because I’m a dog person), but more laid back, and while you can stroke them to your delight, they really couldn’t care less if you were there.

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