A Trip to Crab Island – Sun, June 12th!

When the summer hits Beijing, there’s nothing like the feel of the sand, waves lapping at your feet, sweet dolphins hopping at the horizon.  Yep — this summer, it’s time once again to visit Crab Island, the best beach in Beijing!

“But Beijing’s in the middle of the desert,” I hear you cry.  “There are no beaches here!”

Aha, but you’re wrong!

Just a few miles from downtown lie the glories of Crab Island!  Granted, the sand sits on a thick concrete base, the waves are all generated, and the dolphins, well… they’re painted on a wall. And it’s absolutely amazing.

Join us for an absurd urban holiday — a truly original beach excursion — complete with lazy rivers, fresh chuan’r, banana hammocks and mankinis as far as the eye can see.

RSVP to asiaobscura@gmail.com for updated meeting details and maps, or RSVP via facebook.

Saturday, June 11th Sunday June 12th at 12pm
FREE!  (Um, except for the beach’s admission fee and the taxi fare there)
Meet outside the Dongsishiqiao Subway (东四十条站, Line 2) Starbucks on Gongti Beilu
(between Xinzhong Jie (新中街) and Dongzhong Jie (东中街)
View meeting place on a map.

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