Celebrating Easter in China…

When you’re in a country that doesn’t officially celebrate Easter, like China, sometimes you get nervous.  Will the Easter Bunny get his visa yanked at the last-minute?  Are you sure those chocolate eggs are melamine-free?   Is the holiday even legal here?

Well, we had those same concerns too, but finally decided China’s gonna love Easter!

Good Friday
First, start your Easter right, with a large order of “Holy Fries” for Good Friday.  Weren’t chips Jesus’ favorite snack?  Even if they weren’t, they’ll go great with your Friday fish.

You won’t find many Peeps for sale on the streets of China, but they’re flooded with real live ones, gloriously dyed in a collection of Easter-iffic colors.  We found these cute kiddos, at a discount “must go” rate, on a sidewalk in Shanxi Province.

(Do they do this in America?)

The lamb of God?  The flock?  Served up with a bit of mint sauce? Nothing says Easter like a nice lamb, and in this gorgeous clip from the 1975 cultural revolution epic model opera “Sons and Daughters of the Grassland,” you’ll quickly notice that the Chinese soldiers not only love dancing, they also adore their lambs.

But most of all, this is the Year of the Rabbit. Everywhere you go, every littlest place, you’re gonna find creepy Eastery bunnies.  Ultimately, is anyone really even gonna to notice ours?

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3 Responses to Celebrating Easter in China…

  1. laurie says:

    Brightly dyed Easter chicks in the US? Yes, I remember loving them as a child, 50+ years ago. I suspect though it’s long been illegal.

  2. amy says:

    OMG,how can people do this to those chikens?poor birds((

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