presents A Trip to Beijing World Park – May 7th!

Saturday, May 7th at 1pm

Why go all the way to Badaling when the Great Wall is right here in Beijing?  Join, as we spend a day exploring the eccentricities of Beijing World Park (北京世界公园), the city’s quirkiest amusement park.  Experience the skyscrapers of Manhattan, the pyramids of Cairo, and even the Taj Mahal of Agra, just outside the 4th Ring Road!  Plus, take photos in bizarrely-selected international costumes, ride the terrors of the North Pole, and even experience the thrill of a full-size Russian passenger plane! 

We’re not experts, we’re not officials, and we’re certainly not tour guides, but we are going to have fun.

Cost: Park Admission (currently 65 RMB, possible 100 RMB) + taxi fare from Wukesong.

Meet Saturday, May 7th at 1pm at Wukesong subway station, Exit A.

RSVP to for updated meeting details and maps, or RSVP via facebook.

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