The official story of Kim Jong Il’s birth…

Happy 69th birthday, Kim Jong Il! To celebrate this holy day, this entire week will be jam packed with DPRKoolness.  First, the true story of the birth of the Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il.


These wonderful snippets — many of them truly endearing, some just funny — are from volume one of Kim Jong Il’s official English-language biography, “KIM JONG IL BIOGRAPHY” (Foreign Languages Publishing House, Pyongyang, Korea, Juche 94 (2005)), which I picked up in North Korea the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  Like a red letter edition of the Bible, all words spoken or written by either the Dear Leader or the Great Leader appear in bold text.

Kim Jong Il was born at the Paektusan Secret Camp in the Sobaeksu Valley, Samjiyon County, Ryanggang Province, on February 16, 1942…


A few woman soldiers and a small unit of the KPRA who were at the Paektusan Secret Camp at that time were the first to congratulate the birth of Kim Jong Il. Wishing him to become the lodestar that would brighten the future of Korea, the hailed him as the Bright Star of Mt. Paektu. Hearing the news of his birth from the messengers who had been to the Paektusan Secret Camp, the small units and groups and political workers operating in many areas were overjoyed at that event and inscribed the words on thick trees everywhere they went, to spread the news of his birth.

The news of Kim Jong Il’s birth spread rapidly, by word of mouth, throughout the country, like a legendary tale. On learning the fact, the enemy became concerned and tried to suppress the public excitement generated by the news.  A Japanese police document… said that the propaganda about the birth of a heaven-sent boy at Samjiyon in the vicinity of Mt. Paektu had caused great confusion in public sentiment in wartime.  An extract from the document reads as follows: “Since it is predicted that the heaven-sent boy will become a general who will bring independence to Korea, Korea will certainly become independent in the near future…”

Holding his son close to his heart, Kim Il Sung gazed intently as his lovable face for a while, and then told his wife that they should bring up the baby and their other children to be heirs to the revolution. He emphasized that he wanted to see the children carry forward the red flag of revolution which was hoisted on Mt. Paektu.

Kim Jong Suk made every effort to bring up her son, living up to the expectations of her husband. She taught him to be a sturdy son of the nation, to be a strong man who would shoulder the future of the Korean revolution.

Tomorrow: At the age of five, Kim Jong Il learns to ride horses and shoot guns.  But is he any good??? Find out soon!

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  1. Hihihih says:

    How believable…

  2. Richard says:

    Didn’t he shoot a perfect round of golf, as an infant?

  3. Dean Pickles says:

    and a perfect over in cricket, WHILE STILL IN HIS MUM’S BELLY!!! True!

  4. Carmen Camila Brown says:

    You know I was waiting for the part of the story where it said…” after the news of his birth spread across the seas, The U.S. President, Queen of England and Adolf himself traveled many miles to see this heaven sent son..they each brought him gifts, a sickel, a hammer and a red loin cloth to keep him warm……” The Messiah Complex …LOL

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