Learn How to Speak North Korean

On our recent trip to Pyongyang, we picked up this incredible guide to speaking Korean — clearly with a northern bent.  While the first half is filled with standard small-talk favorites (“How do you do!”, “I’m awfully sorry,” “It really is heroic,” and “It is Juche-oriented”), about halfway through, it gives up any sense of restraint, and becomes all about the wonders of North Korea. It’s especially interesting to note the areas that the government the publishers were clearly especially eager for visitors to notice (the coziness, the modern city, the lack of beggars on the street).

Below — in recognition of the Dear Leader’s 69th birthday today (Feb 16) — are a couple of pages of the 1995 guide…  Hope you get to use them today!












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7 Responses to Learn How to Speak North Korean

  1. Zander says:

    wow – talk about putting words in your mouth

  2. Dean Pickles says:

    oh, Z, I disagree! It's just them giving voice to the unspoken thoughts…

  3. B says:

    just … wow … “freedm of speech …

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  5. Bitch says:

    Wow,that bitches made a language. WHY DON’T YOU LEARN SOUTH KOREAN? IT is lieing, at the part it says “10) 1.United States is disturbing us. We hate US. WHATTHEFUK

  6. Bryan says:

    This is one of great North Korean materials I think.
    Do you have this book? If yes, I want to have a chance to see the book

    Please let me know
    Thank you

    • Andy Deemer says:

      I do have a copy — it’s pretty wonderful. I bet you could pick up one on eBay, or if you know anyone headed to North Korea, they’re sold in the Yanggakdo Hotel bookstore in Pyongyang….

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