Kim Jong Il’s childhood thoughts of America

To celebrate the 69th birthday of Kim Jong Il, this entire week is jam packed with DPRKoolness.  Today, we explore Kim Jong Il’s feelings about America.  Where do they come from?  How did he feel as a kid? Find out, below…

(At the age of six) Kim Jong Il harboured a bitter hatred for the class enemies who harmed the people. While visiting farms in villages with his parents during the agrarian reform, he realized how cruelly landlords had exploited the peasants, and what a miserable life the Korean peasant had had to lead in the past. He resented the desperate acts of landlords and reactionaries who were trying to thwart the agrarian reform and recover their old position.

Kim Jong Il hated the Americans who had occupied south Korea in place of the Japanese, and were trying to enslave the Korean people again.  He firmly resolved to destroy the US imperialist aggressors.


No pix of him at 6 or 10, but here’s him in college…

(Jumping forward four years, to the age of ten) One day in early December 1952, Kim Jong Il entered the children’s room with a copy of the pictorial of the People’s Army. The pictorial carried a picture portraying the atrocities committed by the Yankee soldiers. The children clenched their fists with hatred for the enemy. One of them, unable to repress his hatred, shouted, “Let’s go to the front right away to take our revenge on the enemy!” The other children agreed with enthusiasm. They were determined to go to the front at once.

However, Kim Jong Il explained to them that fighting the Yankees at the front was not the only way to take revenge on the enemy, that learning their lessons well and participating wholeheartedly in the activities of the CU (note: Children’s Union) was another way of doing this, and that they should all wreak vengeance on the enemy of the country ad of their parents by getting As in school.

Most of the children worked hard to do well in their school-work, inspired by the slogan, “Let us take our revenge upon the enemy of our country and of our parents with the bayonets of As.” They studied without wasting a single minute and became honors students.

Tomorrow: new video of wildly synchronized child dances for the Dear Leader!

These wonderful snippets — many of them truly endearing, some just funny — are from volume one of Kim Jong Il’s official English-language biography, “KIM JONG IL BIOGRAPHY” (Foreign Languages Publishing House, Pyongyang, Korea, Juche 94 (2005)), which I picked up in North Korea the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  Like a red letter edition of the Bible, all words spoken or written by either the Dear Leader or the Great Leader appear in bold text.

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