Kiev: The Weirdest Ukranian Opera Restaurant in Beijing

Missing those classic Yevhen Hrebinka hits?  Desperate for a Chicken Kiev and a bottle of Stoli?  But sick of those stern Soviet babushkas slapping down watery bowls of borscht?

I hear you, brother.

The closest I’d gotten to good Ukranian in Asia was in a subterranean Beijing nightclub. The bouncer outside was a scowling mohawked dwarf in a tuxedo. Inside, there were more hookers than customers.  Sounds good so far, I know, but onstage the aerobics left little to my appetite.

So instead, we decided to try Kiev Restaurant.

And wow. Massively crowded with massively drunk Chinese families feasting on meat and potatoes.  Chinese waitresses decked out in traditional Ukranian garb.  And the opera singers?  Oh, yes, there were opera singers.  A dozen of them, parading through the restaurant with accordions, military garb, and so many medals.  And you know what?  The Chicken Kiev wasn’t too bad!

Here’s some video. Apologies for the footage… blame it on the Russian Standard.

KIEV Restaurant
Address: No.13 Puhui Nanli, Yuyuantan Nanlu, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Business hours: 11:00am-12:00pm
Tel: 86-10-68283482

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3 Responses to Kiev: The Weirdest Ukranian Opera Restaurant in Beijing

  1. Amanda says:

    damn, I think this was the thing I missed when I went to the great wall instead of staying in Beijing. Looks like some awesomeness.

  2. Dean Pickles says:

    Yes, you did! But I think you also missed the basement Russian nightclub, Chocolate, which really is wonderful as well… Well, the wall has its merits as well, I guess. ;P

  3. southerndysfunction says:

    Oh Cousin, this is just the most fabulous thing. Definitely the weirdest place outside of Nashville is Beijing.

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