Gorgeous Old Chinese Studio Photos

One of my favorite things about old Chinese studio photos is the props and backgrounds — they’re positively delicious!  I found these three hanging in a rundown Pingyao museum (although M has an incredible collection — which she refuses to let me post here.  For the time being!)

The drape backgrounds are about my favorite thing… although so are the small subtle props, like the flowers.

The full-sized props are just the best.  Two dudes with their awesome ride.
And then when you have the props of the everyday — notice the naked bulb (electricity!) and the inside bell (more!) painted on the backdrop.  And the windows that look nowhere.

Urge Michelle to post some snippets from her collection, post-haste. They’re positively gorgeous.


Oh, and I love this little sign they opened the exhibit with….

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One Response to Gorgeous Old Chinese Studio Photos

  1. Joiseu says:

    Oh I just fell in love with these ! Just Beautiful! It would be great if you can post the rest of the photos here, Dean. If Ms. M finally permits, of course :) And I wonder if you could also do a little post on the Pingyao museum too. I’m a sucker for museums :D Anyways, just suggestions. Thanks for posting, Dean.

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