Gorgeous Old Chinese Studio Photos

One of my favorite things about old Chinese studio photos is the props and backgrounds — they’re positively delicious!  I found these three hanging in a rundown Pingyao museum…

old photo 1-781744

The drape backgrounds are about my favorite thing… although so are the small subtle props, like the flowers.

old photo 3-784567

The full-sized props are just the best.  Two dudes with their awesome ride.

old photo 2-783634

And then when you have the props of the everyday — notice the naked bulb (electricity!) and the inside bell (more!) painted on the backdrop.  And the windows that look nowhere.

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  1. Joiseu says:

    Oh I just fell in love with these ! Just Beautiful! It would be great if you can post the rest of the photos here, Dean. If Ms. M finally permits, of course 🙂 And I wonder if you could also do a little post on the Pingyao museum too. I’m a sucker for museums 😀 Anyways, just suggestions. Thanks for posting, Dean.

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