Eko Nugroho, We Love You. So we made a costume to prove it.


A little while back, Michelle, Sunny and I were wandering around the Caochangdi gallery district (one of the old “new 798″s), and feeling extremely underwhelmed.  There was nothing worth looking it.  Until we wandered into Pekin Fine Arts.  It was there that we discovered our new favorite Indonesian artist, Eko Nugroho.


Most of his work was cartoony.  Some of it was murals.  Some was installations.  And all of it was great.  I immediately fell in love with this glorious statue.   I had to become this statue.

At Lady Street, I bought every pink plastic flower I could find.  It took a week of trips, but I ended up with 2,000 of them. We made a jumpsuit, and we spent several weeks sewing.


But man, was it worth it.



I’m going to skip posting the 200 pictures of me posing with random strangers at Philippe Starck’s LAN club, because they’re mostly of… um…  me with overly-friendly girls, and it all looks rather ugly and gratuitous.  But I will say: someone needs to mass-produce these suits.  They’re a hit in Beijing.

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