Tianjin’s Amazing Road Signs

Driving in China is pure madness, so good street signs are really important.

Tianjin clearly has that problem solved.  Sof shot these awesome puppies when we were down there last weekend.  (Translations unnecessary for most of them.)

系安全带  保平安行  Fasten seat belt    Preserve safe travel
醉在酒中  毁在杯中   Drunk on wine   Destroyed in the cup (???)


疲劳驾驶  危及生命    Weary driving    Endanger lives
保护环境  禁扔弃物  Protect environment   Forbid throwing away things
驾车说笑  危及安全  Driving and laughing   Endangers safety.
跨越护栏  交通陋习  Jump over the guard rail   Be connected with bad habits
保护环境  禁扔弃物  Protect environment   Forbid throwing away things
让一路安   抢一步悔   Always yield safely    Hit one step of regret (???)

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