Strange Moments in a Bangkok Temple

Wat Suwannaram, a 12th-century temple, is hidden on the far side of the river in Bangkok. It’s remote — no tourists, only two praying women in short skirts (they’d left their high heels outside.) The real draw here is the mouth-dropping murals, which tell the most bizarre and glorious tales. While we tiptoed around, a couple of masked women carefully touched up the murals, many of which were fading and cracked.

An old hag gets waylaid:

Old Hag Gets Waylaid

Some chap lights up a fattie:Old Guy Lights Up A Fattie

I wish I had a tripod for this amazing one, but after several tries, this was the best I could get. Several kids peeking on some naked gathering. A creepy old man (woman?) leeringly tries to lure them inside. Gorgeous.

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3 Responses to Strange Moments in a Bangkok Temple

  1. Sabrina says:

    are you in Thailand Andy? I am leaving tomorrow night to BKK

  2. Dean Pickles says:

    Sadly, no — I just got back a week ago… 🙁 Have a great time!!

  3. Sabrina says:

    heh, thanks. maybe i will check this temple later… 🙂

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