Medicinal Sea Horse Soup

I adore TCM.  But I don’t know what to say about this bowl of “Pigeon Soup with Chinese Medicine” we ordered last night at Gongti’s Xuxian Lou (许仙楼的《川弓海马乳鸽汤》). Yep, that’s a sea horse floating on top.

I found myself eating around it, taking bites of dark red meats, chewing down foul beans, and sipping up the broth, saving the 海马 for the very last bite.  And…

oh, what a horrible, horrible bite it was.  Unbearably salty and fishy, and predictably crunchy, it broke apart quickly — meaning so many more pieces to chew up.  I grimaced, but kept chewing, as sharp ends broke apart and found their way trapped between my gums and my lips.  It really was quite disgusting.

Far more appetizing was this fantastic bowl of chicken atop a bed of pig’s feet, which was so tender it broke apart at the touch of a spoon.  Most of all, I loved the way it was served… the chicken, covering herself up like a nurse might, confronted by Sid James in a “Carry On” movie.

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