"Street Angel" at Jianghu Jiuba – Nov 9th, 2010

Two weeks ago, we showed “The Winter of Sanmao” to a packed house at Jianghu Jiuba. It was incredible. I got a little tipsy, and CCTV published three hard-hitting stories. (“Laughter was waged,” they wrote.  “Outside, wind just started to moan. Inside, it was common to hear people laughing!” Oh, and my introduction to the film? “Full of satirical humor and surging passion.”  Now that’s an event!)

Well, if you were there — and especially if you weren’t — you really won’t want to miss Tuesday’s movie, “Street Angel” (马路天使, Mǎlù Tiānshǐ).  It’s romantic, sexy, funny, and was the debut appearance of the siren of Shanghai, Miss Zhou Xuan.  It tells the story of two Shanghai runaway sisters.  Meimei is bright-eyed and full of life.  Jiejie is a hard-edged prostitute.  But little does poor Meimei know what’s in store for her!  Enter Zhao Dan, the George Clooney of his time, to win hearts and save the day.  If only he was a little less…  well…  I’ll save it for Tuesday night!

Sexy songs that became a city’s anthems. 
Sexy stars that won a country. 
Wild visions and real footage of pre-liberation Shanghai.
An ending that’ll just crush you. 
All this, and discount drinks and free admission too!

Street Angel (in Chinese with English subtitles)
Tuesday Nov 9th at 7:30pm (movie starts at 8pm)
Jianghu Jiuba, 7 Dongmianhua Hutong
(1/2 block east of the dusty old used DVD shop on Nanluogu Xiang — map: http://tinyurl.com/sanmao )
Nearest subway: Exit A, Zhangzizhonglu station, Line 5

Call me if you have any trouble finding it — 135-5261-0328.

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