Forensic Science Museum, Bangkok

Deep in the bowels of the King’s Hospital, if you look hard enough, you’ll eventually find the stomach-churning absolutely wonderful Forensic Science Museum. I’ve a weak stomach, but the permanent exhibit here is unmissable. (Photos aren’t allowed, so I apologize for this scarce and clumsy record. You’ll clearly have to go, yourself.) It’s a cluttered mix of photos, bones, corpses, bits of corpses, larger bits of corpses, implements of murder, victim clothing, and a really horrifying stretch of “pickled punks.” Little is labeled, less is explained.

This arm, for example, is simply labeled “tattoo.”

This skeleton, meanwhile, lies under an ecstasy tab ID chart. A towel was placed kindly under its skull.

Several murderers, including Si Quey — Thailand’s bogeyman answer to Ed Gein — are preserved, dripping wax, and barely secured in cheap IKEA cabinets. Notice that the tape holding him inside is starting to come loose…

…which wouldn’t matter, except that he’s leaning on the door. His forehead has a waxen smear between it and the glass…

All in all, a really horrific adventure.

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